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Auto Crowd Group is the number one provider of social networking and interaction for cars, motorcycles and yachts.  Our 80+ car clubs cover many manufacturers, including rare and obscure ones. No matter what your level of interest, from the Sunday driver to the hardcore enthusiast Auto Crowd has something to offer to you. While many car clubs are based regionally the internet allows us to connect with enthusiasts around the world. We offer car clubs from around the world including UK, USA, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa we continuously look for opportunities to expand into other territories. No matter where you live, we want to be there with you.




Using our directory you can find valuable information on any recreational item you own all from a reliable third party source. Unlike the manufactures we aim to give you the information to repair your own vehicle. We give owners a platform to share reviews, advice and experiences without mediation from the manufactures. This can be a priceless value on old and rare cars where others who know about them don’t live near you. Finding parts regionally can be nearly impossible but by using the internet and social networking you can find the parts you need, advice on how to install it and other things that may be wrong, or about to go wrong with your newest toy.


Auto Crowd Group offers two membership packages, a free enthusiast member ship which allows full access to the site and directories at no charge. This membership is no risk, you have nothing at all to lose by joining. Our paid membership includes everything the free membership has, but offers club discounts that are not otherwise available. Start with the free membership and upgrade when you are ready, the discounts will pay for the membership cost in no time.


Auto Crowd offers a unique opportunity using the internet as a medium to bring every one together. The internet allows those with specific vehicles including niche makes or models to find others with their car. Even rare cars where there are less than one hundred left on earth, using internet car clubs, you can find someone else with your car to exchange parts, stories and advice with. In addition to online interactions the internet makes it easy to arrange regional events and if needed find a sponsor for it. Using our network it is easy to find a car, repair it, insure it, modify it and do anything else you can imagine all with the support of others with the same interests as you, their car!

June 5, 2015


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